Cassie and P Diddy Break Up After 11 Years of Make Ups, Break Ups and Affairs

Last week the media reported that Media mogul Sean Combs, other wise known as P Diddy, has split up with his long term girlfriend, Model and ‘Singer’ Cassie Ventura. Cassie is signed to Bad Boy Entertainment which is Diddy’s record label and had a hit record ‘Me & U’ in 2006. Rumors were rife of the two being in a relationship for a while but they both kept the public out of their business until the last few years, when they finally went public.
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The relationship wasn’t all plain sailing, as dating the millionaire playboy came with a lot, including his three baby mothers, six children and allegations of cheating. Many people said Cassie was wasting her time and youth staying in the relationship as Combs would never settle down and marry her.

The 48 year old likes to keep his blended family close together and would take annual vacations to luxurious places such as St Barts in the Caribbean. Holidaying with the kids is lovely but he would also bring along the mother of three of his children, former model Kim Porter (pictured below)-without Cassie going. I’m all for a man looking after his children, but over my dead body is the baby mother putting herself there, especially without me coming along.

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There was also numerous rumors over the years of Diddy cheating on his beautiful girlfriend with various women and break ups after volatile arguments. Pictures would surface every so often of playboy Diddy greeting his ex girlfriend Actress/’Singer’ Jennifer Lopez, with him grinning like a cheshire cat. The two had a passionate relationship and it’s obvious that Combs still has feelings for Lopez, which would have been difficult for Cassie to deal with.

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Like a true bad boy, Combs has apparently moved on to another pretty young lady called Jocelyn Chew. The two are rumored to be dating and was seen recently on a date at a Drake concert. I’m sure after 11 years of dating that Cassie is going through it right now. I hope that she doesn’t feel that she has wasted her youth and that the lifestyle, diamonds and the fame was worth it.

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