UK Rapper SteffLon Don Upsets Fans After ‘Dissing’ 9-5 Workers

UK Rapper SteffLon Don has come under fire after posting footage of cleaners cleaning what looks like the inside of a restaurant/shop and saying: ‘How could you wake up everyday and work for someone else’s dream 4 sum chump change? I’ll never understand that.’

A fan replied:’It’s called real life love, we don’t all have the opportunity, money or situation to follow our dreams. Children to feed, bills to pay. The 29 year old then clapped back saying: ‘Real life? You don’t have opportunity, you create them, they are not given. I understand we can’t all be the same but the reason any one works for chump change most of the time is their mind set and they don’t know better.’


The Rapper/Singer has recently released her debut single ‘Hurtin Me’ featuring Rapper French Montana and is now gaining more success and popularity. Unfortunately, people are leaving angry comments under her videos with one angry person saying:’I used to ride with this fat bitch until she said all people who do 9-5 are bummy. Fuck this Rihanna, Nicki wannabe hoe’, another said: ‘Would love to support but unfortunately I work a 9-5, earning a decent amount of money to pay my mortgage and bills. I prefer to spend my hard earned money on artists who actually appreciate their fans.’

My personal opinion is I understand that she’s saying she feels people should have ambition and work on their dreams and build themselves up but realistically, there are jobs that need to be done-someone has to do it. Someone who’s a cleaner could be saving to go to University or doing what they have to do to put food on the table. One of my first jobs was cleaning offices, I did this to start making my own money whilst going to college.

SteffLon don is a talented artist who is gaining more popularity and recognition, but what she doesn’t want to end up doing, is alienating her fans, who have helped her be able to get to where she is today living her dreams.

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  • Lisa June 13, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    I used to like her as an artist!!! I am a registered nurse an it’s my 07:30 -20:00hrs job that may be needed to save your life one day!! Maybe you should think of that before thinking and acting like you are above all!! Cause when it comes to my job I’m living my dream darling!!! Saving lives am doing something really worth doing for all not just me!!


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