Cheating Offset Begs Cardi B To Take Him Back, During Her Stage Performance

It seems that every day there is more madness/foolishness going on in the entertainment world. This time it’s Cardi B and her husband/baby father (she still calls him her baby father smh) Offset’s turn. For those that don’t know, the ratchet, ghetto couple recently split up due to Offset talking to two women (who were both friends) arranging to have sex. One of the girls snitched, ruined Offsets triffling plans and seemingly, the marriage. Cardi B decided enough was enough after taking the horny cheater back when he had previously stepped out of the relationship.

Since then there’s been a social media campaign with everyone including the rapper The Game begging the 26 year old to take her husband back-as if it’s any of their business and they have to live with him. Offset himself also made a video on his birthday recently asking for forgiveness.

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Earlier today at the Rolling Loud event in Los Angeles, the father of four thought it was a good idea to crash the stage just as Cardi real name Belcalis was about to start her performance.
In the footage she is seen standing onstage as three different signs forming the sentence “Take me back Cardi” are strolled onto the stage.
The DJ for the set can be heard telling the crowd to “make some noise” as Cardi B stands still, looking confused about what’s happening. Seconds later Offset, who’s carrying with him a set of roses, walks on and begins apologizing to Cardi once again saying “I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry, in front of the world, I love you, whatever I got to do to show you, I’m willing.” They both exchange words and then he leaves the stage as the crowd watches.

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To be honest I feel that Cardi B shouldn’t of taken Offset seriously as a boyfriend let alone a husband and now father to her five month old daughter Kulture. If anything he should of been someone she might call up and ‘hang out with’ occasionally, but nothing serious. He’s a rapper on heat who cheated in the early days of their marriage and most likely many times before that. The other thing is a lot of people are saying she should take him back but would they have the same energy if it was her who cheated on him? I don’t believe they would.

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