R.I.P Pop Smoke

US Drill rapper, Pop Smoke has died after being shot multiple times at his home early this morning.

The rapper, real name Bashar Jackson, 20, was at home in Hollywood, Los Angeles,  when two men wearing hoodies and masks entered the house and fired multiple shots, according to police sources quoted by TMZ. He was pronounced dead at a hospital in West Hollywood early on Wednesday.

The two men apparently have not been found. Another man was briefly detained by police but released soon after.

On Tuesday the rapper posted pictures of himself with stacks of money and later had his location on show on his Instagram stories, which would have helped make him a target. A friend had also posted photos of the pair together outside the house (where Pop Smoke was staying) with an address number visible, while Jackson himself had posted footage of bags with labels including his address.

(Edit-It has since come to light that the murder might not have been a robbery and potentially the plan was to kill the Rapper)

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Pop Smoke came onto the scene with his hit ‘Welcome to the party’ in 2019. He became known for blending the sounds of UK and US drill music. Primarily based in New York, he collaborated with rappers including Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Skepta and Quavo .

Last year he spoke about wanting to make music that inspires children who are growing up in poverty; “I make music for that kid in the hood that’s gotta share a bedroom with like four kids – the young kids growing up in poverty. “I make music for kids like that who know they just gotta keep going, that there’s a better way. That’s who I really make it for.”

R.I.P Pop Smoke

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RIP @realpopsmoke… Gone too Soon..

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