Usain Bolt and Fiancee Kasi Bennett Announce Pregnancy

Last week Olympian Usain Bolt and his Fiancee Kasi Bennett announced that they are expecting a baby on Instagram. Bolt captioned his post, “I just want to say a KING or QUEEN is about to be HERE” and his partner Bennett.

Bennett shared three different photos from the same shoot, adding her own captions, “Our golden child. Coming soon,” “Our greatest celebration..” and “Our biggest blessing…” The announcement came as a surprise even though in May of 2017 Bolt told People, “I have a girlfriend for four years now (and) it’s going steadily, so we’re thinking about kids very soon.” The Olympian added, “We’ll see how it goes, we’re taking our time.”

Ms Bennett, 30, deserves to have things work out for her as she has stuck with Bolt, 33, through numerous cheating allegations. There was a big story a few years ago, when a Brazilian student sold her story, claiming that she and the sportsman spent a passionate night together and produced pictures as evidence. Although Kasi was understandably hurt by the news, she decided to stand by her man. Good luck to them and I hope it all works out.

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