Intuition is one of the most valuable things that we as humans possess but what exactly is it? According to the Urban Dictionary, intuition is ‘a knowing prompted by instinct.

A vague idea in which some confidence is placed that something might be the case.’ Another meaning for intuition is ‘the faculty of understanding something without reasoning or proof.’

In my experience, intuition is a gut feeling that I’ll get usually pertaining to not getting myself involved with a particular situation (or man!!!) due to having a feeling of needing to be cautious. For most of us especially us women, whenever we have a situation we’ve been placed in and we’re not sure what to do. We’ll call our closest girlfriends and ask their opinion-even when deep down, we know what we should do.

I feel that as a society, we’ve been conditioned to seek the answers to our problems outside of ourselves. When you read magazines there’s always the problem page with ‘experts’ giving their opinion on how they can help you solve your problems. As I mentioned before, women go to their friends for advice and men seem to keep things inside and try to handle things themselves.

I believe that your spirit guides you and sends you warnings through various ways and one of them is through your emotions. Last year, I had a few situations where I wished that I had followed my initial feelings. With both situations I asked my friends for advice on how they felt I should handle the situations and meaning well, they gave me their opinions which I listened to. Unfortunately both situations didn’t work out and with one of them, I had a really hard time dealing with the outcome and it took me a while to get over it.

The good thing has been that I have learnt from my mistakes and have realised just how important it is to follow your gut feeling- it may even save your life. After my experiences with not listening to myself. I have decided that I am my own best friend and even though it’s good to sometimes get someone else’s opinion, I now follow my instincts and go with my intuition.  

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