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2016 MTV Video Music Awards

Last night (August 28th) the hottest stars came out for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. The 33rd award show had the likes of Nicki Minaj who performed with Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, kanye West who came on stage to introduce his new video Fade,” inspired by “Flashdance” and starring the singer and dancer Teyana Taylor. David Bowie meanwhile was…

Doing It Alone

A few years ago my life was very different. I lived in a small studio flat- a really small studio flat, smaller than some people’s bedrooms. I was desperate to leave but due to being unemployed, it just wasn’t possible. To try and escape my circumstances, I would sometimes meditate but even better than that (so I thought) I had…

Knowing Your Self Worth (The Power Of A Woman)

I was recently talking to a beautiful girl that I know, she was telling me about her new guy and how much she really likes him. I was really pleased for her until she told me that he’d told her he wasn’t looking for a relationship but she was still with him, trying to convince him that they would be…

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